The Expectant Father's Role

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As a man, there are certain aspects of your partner's pregnancy that you are left out of, such as the visits to the restroom every 45 minutes and the morning sickness. Even though you are more than likely glad to be excluded from the ugly parts of the pregnancy, you probably still want to be included in some way. Luckily, you have a role to play and it can start as early as the day you find out about your impending fatherhood.

Prenatal Visits

In the early months of your partner's pregnancy, her visits to the obstetrician are probably limited to once a month. As the birth of your child gets closer, the appointments are moved up. 

It is important that you make it to as many appointments as you can. By doing this, you help to show your partner that you are there for her. It also gives you a chance to experience some of the medical side of the pregnancy. During an appointment, you can hear your child's heartbeat and even get a first glimpse at your baby.

Another added bonus is you can learn more about any specific medical issues which can impact the health of your partner and the baby. For instance, if your partner has diabetes, you will know the dos and don'ts of your partner's diet and health care regimen.


Expectant mothers go through a period of nesting before the baby arrives. During nesting, she will do everything from cleaning the home to finishing up the baby's nursery. 

Whether or not your partner asks, help her. Your baby is going to arrive in the world with a host of needs, including the need for a crib and car seat. Help your partner shop for the items needed and assemble them. If you hate shopping, now is not the time to complain. Be prepared to discuss minute details, such as the color of the bumpers, without complaint.

Birthing Plan

Your partner has to create a birthing plan before the baby is born. The plan is exactly what she wants to transpire during labor and delivery. Even though you are not the one giving birth, you can still contribute to the plan. 

Offer suggestions and ensure you understand exactly what she wants you doing on that day. For instance, if you want your mother present when the baby is born, let your partner know. 

You can also take a birthing class with your partner. The birthing class can not only prepare her for labor, but also help to define your role in the labor room.

Preparing for the birth of your child can take time. Fortunately, you have months to prepare for the experience. Talk to the experts at your partner's doctor's office, such as Women's Healthcare Associates LLC, for more information.


7 January 2015

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