3 Ways To Keep Your Loved One Independent While Living In A Nursing Home


If you have a loved one who is being supported by assisted living, you may feel that you have no way to help them live comfortably. Gaining independence even while meals are prepared, all housekeeping is taken care of, and even personal hygiene is given attendance is crucial to helping your elderly or disabled family member continue to live a happy and productive life. Learn 3 things you can do to help your loved one have plenty of independence while living in a nursing home.

Bring hobbies from home

If your loved one is able to continue doing their favorite hobbies and crafts, they can feel more independent in where they now live because they are doing some of the things they used to do when they were actively living at home. If they have no favorite hobbies that you know of, you can introduce them to engaging crafts and activities that they can learn to enjoy. Hobbies you can bring from home include:

  • puzzles
  • crochet
  • crossword or word search puzzles
  • favorite books
  • painting crafts
  • jewelry kits
  • ties for fly fishing
  • woodworking kits

Ask your loved one if they have any activities they would like to get into, and get involved in the type of hobbies they enjoy. You'd be surprised what a difference you can make in simply building a puzzle with your aging family member or playing a game of Cribbage with them.

Make a list of requests

People who live in assisted living often feel overwhelmed when it comes to making personal requests that make them happy. You can help them in gaining their voice by sitting down with them and making a list of things they need or simple additions to their care that they would enjoy. Make a list of simple things that can make them feel more at home, such as:

  • how they like their coffee or tea
  • foods/beverages they like
  • programs they prefer to watch on TV
  • when they like to be bathed or fed
  • the people they do not want visiting them

In creating this list, you can let the personnel know the best way they can care for your loved one, so everyone can feel more comfortable.

Give them a furry companion

Check with the rules of the assisted living facility and see if it is OK to allow the resident to have animals in their room with them. Pets can do many things, including reducing blood pressure, increasing sociability, and even easing pain. If your loved one wants a pet, make sure they can have an animal that they can easily care for, such as a parakeet, cat, or small dog. If they already have a pet that they want to bring with them, do what you can to have that animal allowed so the companionship can continue. Pets bring great independence to residents who are otherwise lonely and bored.

When your loved one is in assisted living, you want to make sure they have more independence in their life. These are just a few things you can do to make them more comfortable and happy as long as they live in assisted housing.


21 January 2015

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