What Couples Therapy Can Do For Your Relationship


Being in a relationship is always a challenge, as it can be very difficult to combine two people and two lives. Many times, this meshing doesn't go as well as it should, and couples begin having issues that can sometimes lead to the end of the relationship. Couples therapy is a type of relationship therapy intended for any kind of couple – not just for marrieds. However, for those new to the idea of relationship therapy, here is what couples therapy can do.

Offer A Safe Place

Many times in a relationship, there is so much conflict that neither partner feels safe expressing their frustration, their needs and their true feelings with one another. A good couple's therapist can offer that safe place where conflicts can be brought up, discussed on both sides and hopefully resolved.

This "safe place" in essence finally lets each person reveal their deeper feelings without fear of more conflict, hurt feelings or ending their relationship.

Offer Conflict Resolution Skills

Contrary to what many couples think, having fights or conflict isn't the problem – conflict is very normal and to be expected in any and all relationships. However, what can make or break a couple is how they handle and resolve the conflict.

A couple's therapist can help the individuals and couple realize some of their destructive conflict management, such as:

  • Contempt
  • Criticism
  • Stonewalling
  • Defensiveness

These destructive habits can be replaced with healthier conflict resolution, such as:

  • Respect
  • Validation
  • Agreeing to disagree
  • Defusing
  • Repair

These methods offer respect for each person and their point of view, while acknowledging the desire to put the relationship above the need to be "right".

Reigniting The Spark

Many long time couples report that they have fallen into a rut and just don't feel a "spark" of passion anymore. In some cases, people may fear that they have fallen out of love and may abandon a relationship that is simply past the honeymoon phase.

Couple's therapy can be a chance for two people to talk freely, open up to each other and perhaps remember why they fell in love in the first place. In some cases, the therapist may have assignments for each person in the relationship to help them act with love, even when they don't always feel like it.

Being in a relationship, especially over a long time, can be very hard work and you may need some outside help with a qualified and experienced couple's therapist.  


21 January 2015

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