Keep Breastfeeding After Heading Back To Work With These 4 Tips

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If you're a nursing mother who plans to go back to work, you don't have to abandon breastfeeding altogether. You can actually continue to ensure that your baby receives your milk, even while you're at your job. Use the following tips to make working and nursing successful.

Get Familiar with the Breast Pump

Your breast pump is what will make working and nursing possible. You need to make sure that you are comfortable with it, as you will be using it at work for the foreseeable future. Make sure to practice pumping during the day, so that it is second nature to you. That way, you don't have a problem when you use the pump at work.

Pumping in advance of your return to work will also help you increase your milk production. You can fill a few bottles with milk and store them away later, for times when you are away from your baby longer than you planned.

Use Bottles with Your Baby before You Return to Work

Just as you must get used to pumping, your baby must get used to drinking from a bottle. As soon as you can, introduce a bottle full of your milk to your baby. If your baby doesn't take the bottle from you at first, there is no need to worry.

This is sometimes the case; your baby is only used to nursing with you. Keep trying. You can even enlist the help of another person who can offer the bottle, which is a good idea, because that is what will happen while you're at work. Over time, your baby will adjust well.

Talk to Your Boss

Have a private conversation with your boss about the fact that you plan to continue nursing after you return to work. Ensure them that your work will not suffer, and you only need to step away for a small amount of time. Discuss where you will be doing your pumping. Your workplace may have a special place for nursing mothers, but some do not. You can ask your boss for a special, designated place where you can pump milk in private, or make your own arrangements to use a restroom or an empty office.

Talk to Other Working, Nursing Moms

There may be a few questions you have about nursing while you're working. Join online groups for nursing moms who have jobs, look for local groups in the area or talk to co-workers who are also breastfeeding. Their advice can be invaluable, and they can help you maintain this lifestyle as long as you want.

The suggestions in this article will make it easier for you to return to your job and keep nursing your baby. Talk to your lactation consultant to get more ideas about how you can successfully continue to breastfeed your baby while you work.


27 January 2015

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