3 Things That You Shouldn't Do When Taking Your Child For Immunizations

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Having immunizations done is never fun, and it can be more frightening for a child than it can be for an adult. Luckily, avoiding these things before your child's immunizations can help make things go as smoothly and well as possible.

1. Tell Fibs

You might be tempted to fib to your child about the point of the doctor's appointment just to make things easier. Alternatively, you could be tempted to tell your child that shots don't hurt at all just to ease his or her mind. Although it might seem easier to tell one of these fibs now, it will just make things harder when your child gets to the doctor's office. When he or she finds out that you weren't being truthful, your child could be upset with you and about the appointment as a whole. Therefore, it's best to be as truthful as possible about the appointment; just be sure to tell your son or daughter gently so that he or she isn't too frightened.

2. Withhold Food or Water Without Asking

Don't assume that your child shouldn't eat or drink before having a shot. In some cases, your child could feel better if properly hydrated and after having a good breakfast. In other cases, your pediatrician might tell you to avoid giving your child breakfast or anything to drink for a while beforehand. Regardless, it's best to find out first before making any changes to your child's diet before the appointment.

3. Forget Distractions

Immunization day isn't a good day to forget to pack distractions. There's a chance that your child will have to wait for a little while in the waiting area before having his or her shots, and you don't want your child panicking and thinking about the shot while in the waiting area. Bring along coloring books, handheld video games or small toys to serve as a distraction in the meantime. Also, consider bringing headphones or something else to distract your child while he or she is actually getting the shot.

Immunizations can be scary for adults, and they can certainly be frightening for kids. However, if you prepare your child properly before the shots are given, then you can help make the situation as easy as possible for your son or daughter. Don't do these three things on immunization day, and you can greatly improve the way that the day goes for both you and your child. Talk to experts like Willow Oak Pediatrics for more information.


9 March 2015

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