Using Walking To Help Seniors In Rural Areas Stay Healthy

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Walking is a great activity for seniors to engage in, especially if they live in rural areas. Rural areas provide enough open spaces for walking, so that seniors can go as fast or as slow as they wish. This kind of flexibility is especially important for seniors who have issues with movement. While walking comes naturally, there are a few things that seniors can do to maximize the benefits that can be derived from walking.

Use Walking Poles

Poles such as those used by cross-country skiers can be used to maximize a senior's walking efforts, especially in rural areas. This is because it combines the aerobic benefits that are gained from walking with the strength building effects of cross-country skiing. Walking poles help to give seniors a full body workout. When seniors walk and dig the poles into the ground in front of them, they end up exercising their arms, back and stomach, in addition to their legs. Walking poles can be purchased at most sporting goods stores.

Use A Pedometer

Pedometers are good for helping seniors and their caregivers keep track of their walking activities. A pedometer records the amount of steps that a person takes. Pedometers work by recording how many times a senior moves their hips up and down. Pedometers can be attached to a belt that a senior is wearing or to the waistband of a skirt or pants. Seniors can use a pedometer to challenge themselves to increase the amount of strides they make daily. Here is a simple test that can be used to check if a pedometer is positioned correctly.

  1. Clip the pedometer on a waistband or belt.
  2. Set the pedometer to zero.
  3. Walk thirty steps without looking at the pedometer.
  4. Check the pedometer to see if it recorded thirty steps.
  5. If the reading is slightly off, repeat the test but this time place the pedometer in a different position on the waistband or belt of the clothing.
  6. Keep testing the pedometer in different positions until an accurate reading is received.
  7. Once an accurate reading is recorded, then the pedometer should be kept in that position whenever the senior goes walking for exercise.
  8. Be sure to re-test the pedometer periodically to make sure that the readings are still accurate.

Walking is a great form of exercise for seniors in rural areas, by using devices that enhance the effects of walking, seniors can get a full body workout that will help to keep them healthy. If your senior is in a senior care facility, such as ComForcare - Park Ridge, discuss these benefits and techniques with their care taker.  


24 March 2015

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