Why A Pre-Employment Physical Exam Is A Good Idea For Both Employers And Employees

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If you are employing people to perform work that is of a physical nature, then investing in pre-employment physical exams is a great idea. It can help both employers and employees because it allows to set expectations for how suitable the candidate is for the job in question. With that thought in mind, here are the top reasons for why you should invest in pre-employment physical exams:

  • Employee can determine their ability: a candidate for the position might apply thinking that they have the physical ability to complete the job, but they aren't sure. A physical exam that will exert their body to the same type of physical pressure that the job would can let the candidate know if they are able to do the job.
  • Employer can determine role: an employer will have more information to go on when determining the exact role that a candidate can perform for their commercial operations. So if the candidate is not able to withstand much physical pressure, then they can be chosen to complete a less physically demanding role.
  • Drug abuse: a physical exam will allow the employer to find out if the candidate for the job is taking any drugs. If employers have strict guidelines regarding the use of drugs then they can rely on the physical exam, as opposed to depending on the candidates telling the truth.
  • Adequate preparation: in the event that the physical exam highlights certain problems with the candidate, then steps can be taken to get rid of those problems. For example, if the candidate has a heart problem then they can get it sorted out by receiving medical care before coming in for work. This could be an important step to take because the candidate might be in danger of receiving a heart attack if the job is a physically demanding one.
  • Lower insurance: to provide health care insurance for your employees, the insurance company might require a physical exam to be completed. Otherwise they might charge much higher rates, and therefore the time and cost of the physical exam could be cost-effective.
  • Required by law: some jobs might require employees to pass a physical, because they will determine if they are able to complete their job without putting others in danger. For example, train drivers will need to be cleared of medical conditions that could potentially make them unable to drive the train at any given moment. (For more information, you can contact Physicians Immediate Care Centers PS)


1 May 2015

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