Varicose Veins: Choosing Between Laser Treatment And Surgery

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If you have unsightly or uncomfortable varicose veins that you want to get rid of immediately, you have quite a few options -- most of which are minimally invasive. The most popular options for varicose vein treatment are laser treatments and varicose vein surgery. Both of these treatments are effective and easily recovered from, but depending on your personal situation you might prefer one over the other. 

Will the Veins Recur?

Varicose veins have a likelihood of recurring following either surgical or laser treatment, due to the nature of varicose veins. In many cases, it isn't just that the same veins recur, but rather that other veins may take their place. However, laser treatments do have a slightly higher risk of recurring than surgical treatments, because the surgical procedure removes the veins entirely, whereas the laser procedure collapses them. There are also changes that you can make to your habit, diets and even clothing that will help reduce the recurrence of new varicose veins.

Which Is Less Expensive?

Though the cost of medical treatment is very dependent on your location, insurance and doctor, both laser treatment and surgery tend to be about the same price. The cheapest surgeries will be more expensive than the cheapest laser treatments, but the most expensive surgery and the most expensive laser treatment are about on par. On average, laser treatment is slightly cheaper. It is likely worth it to get separate quotes if you are considering both procedures, because it varies so significantly from patient to patient.

Which Procedure Is Easier to Recover From?

Generally, the laser procedure has an easier and faster recovery time. Discomfort tends to fade at about twice the rate of a surgical procedure, with most patients feeling recovered after a little over a week. This makes sense, as the laser treatment is less invasive than the surgery, though the surgery is still done in as minimally invasive a way as possible.

Are There Worse Side Effects to Either Procedure?

As a surgical procedure, varicose vein surgery has a higher risk of infection than a laser vein treatment procedure. However, skin discoloration is more common in laser vein treatment than varicose vein surgery. Neither laser treatment nor surgical procedures have a significant amount of risk; both of them are considered to be fairly light and easy to recover from procedures.

Only a medical professional (such as one from Premier Surgical Associates) can truly advise you regarding which treatment is best for you. Either treatment you use will likely be effective and both treatments are fast, simple and require little recovery time. 


16 July 2015

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