Helping Your Teenage Daughter If She Had An Oops: What You Should Know

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As the parent of a teenage daughter, you find yourself worrying about her health and safety more often than you would probably like. However, no matter how many times you talk to her about staying safe and abstaining from sexual activity as a teenager, there is always the chance that those lessons will go right out the window when she is out on a date or alone with her boyfriend. If this happens, you want to be prepared for how to help your daughter deal with the aftermath if things do get out of control and she makes a sexual mistake. So, get to know some of the steps you can take to help and support your daughter through this difficult time. 

Do Not React By Shaming Your Daughter

While it is perfectly understandable that you would be angry that your daughter disregarded all of your safe sex talks with her, you do not want to react with anger when she approaches you about the situation. Shaming her about her actions is a sure way to get your daughter to avoid being open and honest with you in the future if she has problems or makes mistakes.

So, be sure that you keep your anger and frustration under control. Your daughter is likely being just as hard on herself as you would be on her (if not more so). Try to be as understanding and supportive as possible when dealing with the issue. 

Head To The Local Pharmacy

If your daughter talks to you within a few days of her sexual mistake, you can take her straight to your local pharmacy and help her get the morning after pill. The term "morning after" is something of a misnomer. Standard practices state that the first of the two pills taken as emergency contraceptives should be taken within 72 hours of the sexual encounter.

However, more research is showing that taking both pills at the same time within 120 hours (5 day) of intercourse is also effective. While your daughter can get emergency contraception herself, providing your support and guidance will help to ensure that she follows through and gets the contraception she needs.

Schedule An Appointment At The Gynecologist

Because your daughter is now sexually active, if she has not yet been to the gynecologist, now would be the time to start. Not only will the trip help to ensure that she has not contracted any sexually transmitted infections, but your daughter can also get on a more reliable form of birth control than the morning after pill.

While birth control is not a replacement for safe sex with condoms, helping your daughter ensure that she will not have a future unwanted pregnancy is important. An IUD (intrauterine device) or a birth control injection will be options for your daughter to consider in regard to birth control as she will not need to remember to take a daily pill.

With these helpful steps in mind, you can be prepared to help your daughter should she ever have an accidental irresponsible sexual encounter. Be sure to protect your daughter's health without making her feel worse about the situation she is in. Contact a local pharmacy like Colby Pharmacy for more information.


26 August 2015

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