Caring For A Plaster Cast: Important Dos And Don'ts

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Plaster casts are commonly used to immobilize a broken or fractured bone, allowing it the time it needs to heal naturally. If you've recently broken or fractured a bone and it has been treated with a plaster cast, it's important that you take care of your cast until the day of its removal. This way, you can expedite the healing process and avoid additional visits to your doctor's office. Specifically, there are some dos and don'ts you'll want to keep in mind.

DO Keep the Cast Dry

Because plaster can easily become soggy and pliable when exposed to water, it's imperative that you keep your cast dry at all times. The best way to do this is to always carry a cast cover on you; this way, you can slip the cover on in the event of a sudden rain storm. You should also wear a cast cover any time you bathe or shower.

DON'T Stick Items Under the Cast

One of the most common problems people run into while in a plaster cast is that of itchy skin underneath the cast. Unfortunately, while this can be very uncomfortable, it's important that you avoid sticking items underneath your cast in an effort to relieve the itch. You run the risk of injuring yourself or causing sores that will be unable to properly heal.

DO Cover Rough Edges with Tape

Over time, it's not uncommon for plaster casts to become a little rough and ragged around the edges. To avoid injuring yourself with these rough edges, cover the edges with adhesive medical tape. You doctor can sand down the edges at your next appointment, but this solution will work just fine in the meantime.

DON'T Remove Any Padding

If your cast has any padding underneath the plaster material itself, never attempt to remove it--even temporarily. This padding is in place to stabilize and immobilize the bone, so even removing it for a couple of minutes could prolong your healing time significantly or even lead to further injury. Not to mention, you'll have a difficult time putting it back in place.

As you can see, there's a lot to keep in mind when it comes to caring for your plaster cast. By keeping these tips in mind, however, you'll be able to save yourself the hassle of prolonging your healing time or even having to go to your doctor's office to have your cast replaced. For more ideas on making your time in a cast more pleasant, visit


14 October 2015

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