Tips On Increasing The Life Of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

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Hearing aids can improve your hearing and help reduce hearing loss, but they cannot function properly without the battery power they need to keep working. In this article, you will learn what could adversely affect your hearing aid zinc batteries and important tips to make them last longer.

What affects battery life?

The number of hours per day you're using your device and the size of the battery are important determinants of how long your hearing aid batteries will last, so be sure to turn off the device anytime you aren't using it for an extended period.

Exposure to extreme temperatures and high humidity can also reduce battery life, so be sure to avoid such environmental extremes whenever you are wearing your hearing devices. Lastly, exposure to very loud noises can force the batteries to work harder and die more quickly.

You will know that your zinc batteries need to be replaced once the device starts to beep. Caring for your batteries can make them last longer and save you money on constant replacements. Read on for tips on how to care for your batteries and extend their life.

Care tips during storage

For starters, you should always use your oldest package of hearing aids first, as they often lose voltage the longer they sit in storage. This way, your spare batteries will never get too old, and will therefore serve you for longer.

Additionally, you should never remove your batteries from their protective plastic case until you are ready to use them. This plastic cover prevents contact with air, thus keeping the batteries fresh. Zinc batteries are affected by humidity and extreme temperatures — both hot and cold. For this reason, always store them in a dry, room temperature place such as a drawer or shelf, and avoid storing them in the refrigerator or on the bathroom counter while showering.

Care tips while in use

Once you are ready to use a new battery pack, always wash your hands thoroughly before touching them, as grease and dirt on your hands can damage the batteries. You should also clean the battery terminals occasionally using a cotton swab so as to remove moisture that could cause corrosion.

Removing your hearing aid batteries at night also helps preserve battery life, while leaving the battery compartment open when the devices aren't in use helps allows moisture to escape and reduce the drain on the batteries.

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31 December 2015

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