Three Common Questions Parents Have About Pediatric Chiropractic Care

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When it comes to the general health and well-being of children, few treatments are as misunderstood as chiropractic care. If you've heard that kids can benefit from chiropractic care but are still on the fence, understanding some of the basics of treatment can help. Here's a look at the answers to a few common questions that might help you understand what chiropractic care can do for your child.

Why Should Kids Have Chiropractic Treatments?

Kids can benefit from chiropractic treatment in many ways. In childhood, skeletal growth fluctuates and enters into some periods where growth is accelerated. These periods are often referred to by parents as "growth spurts," but they can put strain on a child's joints and bones. Chiropractic treatments can help ensure that everything stays balanced and properly aligned throughout the growing years, including those vital growth spurts. In fact, some children may even see relief in growing pains through routine chiropractic treatment, because it keeps the joints, muscles and nerves limber and moving.

When Should Kids Start Seeing a Chiropractor?

It's never too soon to start scheduling chiropractic visits for your kids. In fact, even infants can benefit from chiropractic massage and care. Some parents even find that colic symptoms ease after their baby starts chiropractic care.

By the time kids reach school age, chiropractic treatment is even more beneficial. With the weight of school backpacks and the physical demand of a child's playtime activities, it can be hard on the joints and bones. If you're looking for ways to reduce your child's risk of chronic joint pains and back problems in their late teen and early adult years, starting chiropractic treatment early may help.

Are a Child's Chiropractic Treatments Different From an Adult's?

The fundamentals of chiropractic treatment don't change depending on the patient, but the approach might. After all, a growing body in different stages will have different kinds of needs, which means requiring a different physical approach. Kids have resilient bodies, and they may respond to chiropractic care faster than an adult, because their joints and skeletal structure hasn't been subjected to the years of strain that an adult's body has.

In addition, a child's chiropractic treatment will often focus on general care, not a specific pain complaint. The chiropractor may, however, observe your child's gait and other behaviors to see if there are any obvious problems or discomforts that should be addressed.

With the information here, you can better understand the use of chiropractic care for young children. Before you dismiss that appointment for your child, talk with a local chiropractor, like Exelbert Chiropractic, about what kinds of treatments they can offer.


17 January 2016

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