Understanding Your Glaucoma Treatment Options

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When you go for a routine visit to your eye doctor, the last thing that you may expect to find out is that you have glaucoma. While you may be shocked at the fact that you are suffering from glaucoma, once you receive your diagnosis, the next step you need to take is to figure out how you are going to treat your glaucoma. This eye disorder is not curable, but you can slow down its progress and improve your vision and quality of life if you act quickly once you discover it. So, get to know some of the treatment options available to you and talk to your eye doctor about which of these treatments are right for you.

Prescription Medications

One of the first lines of treatment against glaucoma is prescription medication. There are two forms of medication (pills and eye drops) that your eye doctor may recommend you use. The pills prescribed for glaucoma are known as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. These pills are designed to help reduce the pressure in your eye and to reduce the production of fluid in your eye.

The eye drops that are used for glaucoma are also designed to reduce pressure in the eye but do so directly rather than systemically like pills. It is important with eye drops that when you apply them, you close your eyes for a minute or two and place pressure on the tear ducts in the corners of your eyes closest to your nose. This closes off the tear ducts that lead into you nose and helps to keep most of the medication in your eye rather than in your bloodstream where it is less effective.

Laser Surgery or Drainage Tubes

Sometimes, these prescription medications are not enough to fully relieve the discomfort and pressure in the eyes associated with glaucoma. When this is the care laser surgery or drainage tubes are two of the surgical treatment options.

A laser surgery used concentrated light energy to essentially re-open clogged parts of the eye's drainage network that allow fluid to drain out of the eye. When these areas become clogged, pressure in the eye will build as fluid is backed up. The laser breaks up the clogs and allows that fluid to flow out more freely.

If the laser surgery is not successful or does not make enough of a difference, your eye doctor may recommend drainage tubes. These artificial tubes are implanted into your eye and serve the same purpose of getting the fluid out of your eyes and relieving the intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma.

Now that you know a few of the treatment options for glaucoma, you and your eye doctor can sit down and determine which option is best for you.



25 February 2016

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