So Cold, You're Hot! How Cryo-Lipo Is Reshaping Bodies And How It Can Work For You

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Cryo-lipolysis, or freeze-liposuction, is the newest, hottest trend in reshaping bodies and getting rid of unwanted fat. If you have thought about liposuction, but you were not sure if traditional liposuction was right for you, cryo-lipo may be what you are looking for. Here is what this procedure is, what it does, and how it can work for you.

What Cryo-Lipo Is

When you decide to finally have cryo-lipo, you will expose the areas that your plastic surgeon will work on. Then he or she will take a vacuum suction tool place it over your trouble spots. The tool sucks in part of a jiggly roll of flesh and the adipose tissue underneath. There is no incision and no suction from inside the body to the outside. While the vacuum tool has a good grip on the tissue, the cryo-process is started. A flip of a switch, and the roll of tissue inside the vacuum tool is blasted with ultra frigid air. Your surgeon will determine the number of seconds or minutes that the tool and the freezing process need to be applied to this area. Then this roll of tissue is released and the surgeon moves to the next area, creating another roll of tissue in the vacuum tool and freezing that.

What Cryo-Lipo Does

The suction of the vacuum tool pulls loose adipose cells toward the surface of the skin, where it holds them until after they have been zapped by the extreme cold. The fat cells respond by breaking up and the body's cell disposal system takes over and removes the busted fat cells out of the body. Although exceedingly cold, the process does not damage other tissues. You may notice some red blotchiness on your treated areas, but the skin will recover from these burst little blood vessels and cold temperatures. (It is similar to someone giving you a "hickie" outside in subzero temperatures; the skin heals and nothing is left behind of the event.)

How It Can Work for You

Cryo-lipo is best for mild to moderate liposuction needs. The tool works best on love handles and belly pouches that are noticeable but not excessive. If you have any of these issues with your little problem zones, then cryo-lipo should work well for you. It is also ideal for people that do not have time to recuperate from traditional lipo, and for those who have a history of doing poorly with lipo lasers.

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