Physical Therapy 101: 4 Tips For Completing Your Therapy At Home

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Physical therapy is an effective way to heal your muscles after an accident. This method uses a variety of exercises to help you regain mobility and reduce chronic pain. While you will do these exercises during your physical therapy sessions, you will also be required to do them at home too. Although practicing your therapy at home might seem difficult, it doesn't have to be. With these four tips, you'll be well on your way to healing:

1. Have a Schedule

Just like anything else in your life, it is important to have a schedule for your physical therapy homework. Sit down each week and set aside time to do your exercises. Ensure that there won't be anything to disrupt you, such as work or chores, as this will ensure that you actually do it. Remember, you need to do these exercises regularly in order to heal. So make it a priority and fit it into your schedule.

2. Dedicate a Space

It can also be helpful to set aside a dedicated place to do your exercises. Even if your home is small, do your best to carve out an area for your therapy. A small corner of the room equipped with a comfortable mat will do the trick. If you need any other exercise equipment, be sure to place it in that area as well. This might sound very simple, but you will more likely to do your exercises if you have a dedicated space for them—as you won't be scrambling to clean an area to practice your exercises.

3. Get Diagrams

Practicing exercises at home can be confusing or difficult. If you aren't confident in your ability to perform a specific exercise, let your therapist know. Additionally, ask for diagrams. These diagrams should be pictured, so that you can easily see how to perform each move of your exercises. By practicing these exercises properly, you'll reduce additional discomfort and heal quicker.

4. Ask For a Continuing Regimen

It is not uncommon for people to quit therapy due to insurance. If your insurance only covers physical therapy for a short period of time, let your therapist know. They can work with you to create a detailed regimen that you can continue into the future. Be sure to ask plenty of questions and get diagrams, as well. This will help ensure that you continue to heal properly, even after your sessions are over.

Although practicing physical therapy exercises at home might seem difficult, with these tips, you'll find that your exercises are a lot more enjoyable and effective.


9 June 2016

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