Ways To Prevent Cataracts From Worsening

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Cataracts are extremely common, especially for older people; however, they do not always have to be removed right away through cataract surgery. If you visit your eye doctor regularly, you are likely to find out that you have cataracts when they are just starting to begin. With the right steps and treatment, you may be able to prolong having them removed with cataract surgery. Here are some of the steps you may need to take if you want to avoid getting them removed right away.

Get new eyeglasses

Getting a new pair of eyeglasses is a good place to start. New glasses will help you see more clearly, because they will be made to reflect the current state of your vision, and you can add some features to your new glasses that may help you see more clearly.

The main feature you should consider adding is an anti-glare coating (also called anti-reflective). This coating reduces the reflections that enter through the glasses. The end result is clearer vision, and this can be helpful for your vision even if your cataracts are not interfering in major ways as of yet.

Protect your eyes

Not only can injuries cause cataracts to worsen, but exposing your eyes to UV rays from the sun can also cause damage to your eyes. To protect your eyes from this, you should always wear sunglasses when you are outside, and your sunglasses should be the type that stop UV rays from getting through.

Take supplements for good eye health

Finally, you can keep your eyes as healthy as possible by taking the right supplements. There are a lot of good ones you can take, but here are some of the best options for good eye health:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids – These are good for your overall eye health, and they are great for many other health needs.
  • Vitamin C and A – These vitamins protect against free radicals, which are harmful substances that can lead to the development of cataracts.
  • Lutein – Lutein is a carotenoid and is known for protecting the eyes against cataracts. You can find lutein in corn, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes, but is easier to get a sufficient amount by taking a supplement.

Over time, cataracts can worsen even if you follow these tips, and this means you may eventually need to have them removed. To learn more about cataract prevention and surgery, contact an eye doctor today. Contact a business, such as The Eye Center, for more information.   


27 June 2016

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