Tips for Using Massage to Address Kyphosis Pain

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Many patients who are diagnosed with kyphosis get the diagnosis after dealing with prolonged, persistent pain in the back. Since kyphosis can be a progressive condition, that pain can worsen over time. If you were recently diagnosed with kyphosis, your doctor may suggest that you start looking into various types of pain therapy and treatments to help manage the condition. Massage therapy works well for many patients. Here are some of the things you should know about massage therapy to help you manage kyphosis pain.

Massage Therapy Basics

Massage therapy for kyphosis comes in many forms, and each form focuses on things like easing pain and enhancing your posture and mobility.

For example, your therapist may try to stretch and strengthen the muscles along your spine in an effort to compensate for the curve. To support your therapist's efforts, you might be provided with some exercises to do at home. For example, you may be advised to roll a bath  towel and place it vertically along your spine. Then, lie flat on your back on the floor with the towel in place. The towel can support your spine while stretching the muscles on each side. Over time, those muscles will strengthen, helping you compensate for the condition.

Another thing that you may be advised to do at home is to position a towel horizontally across your shoulder blades or just below them, then lie flat on the floor. This will help to counter the curve in the upper portion of your back. If your condition is diagnosed in the early stages, this may significantly help your symptoms and slow the condition's progression.

In addition, your therapist may plan routine massage appointments a few days a week. During those appointments, he or she will focus on your spinal column, ribs, and neck area. Sometimes, mid-back massage is also beneficial, especially if you have a curve around the middle of your spine. The massage therapy will help to loosen up those muscles and increase blood flow, which will help strengthen the muscles.

Massage Therapy Goals

Massage therapy is beneficial for kyphosis because a lot of the pain associated with the condition comes from the strain on the muscles that try to compensate for that curve in the spine. Over time, the muscles become fatigued, which leads to the persistent pain. As the massage therapy and home exercises start to stretch and strengthen those muscles, the treatment will improve the spinal support and may help to reduce your pain.

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25 July 2016

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