6 Tips For Staying Cool While You Run

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Every physical therapist will tell you that cooling down after a run is essential to prevent an injury. When you are running in the summer, staying cool during your exercise is also essential. The heat can really get to you, even in spring and fall. When you are working out, take these steps to ensure that you do not face heat stroke or another serious issue.

1. Start off cooled down.

This means that you want to be cool before your feet ever even hit the pavement. Get hydrated, wet your head and hair in cold water, or put on a damp shirt. The more proactive you are in your approach to your run, the cooler you will feel while you are doing it.

2. Cool down after your run -- literally.

Stretching after your run is vital, even if you are dripping in sweat and ready to hit the shower. Walk for a few minutes rather than ending your run abruptly. Then, get some stretching in to encourage that heart rate to come down slowly. Stretching can also prevent injury that many experience after an intense workout.

3. Take off sweaty clothes ASAP.

The sooner you can take off those dirty, sweaty clothes, the better you will feel. This also prevents a potential fungus from taking over your skin. The sooner you can shower, the better you will feel.

4. Eat some ice.

Instead of heading straight for the water, consider blending some ice instead. Munch the ice before and after your run for a truly hydrating experience.

5. Make those toes chilly.

If you feel that your toes and feet stay too hot when you are hitting the road, you may want to park those puppies in a tub of cold water and ice afterward. You can even prepare an ice bucket ahead of time just for this purpose

6. Carry a spray bottle.

Carry a spray bottle with cool water that will mist your face. Something small and lightweight works best so that it does not affect you when you run with it. This will provide you with an instant cool down, no matter the heat outside.

Running is a terrific exercise for most people, but staying cool is essential. If you do find yourself becoming overwhelmed with your workouts, it is a good idea to seek the assistance of a physical therapist, like one from Hands-On Physical Therapy, for some advice on how to prevent injury in the future.


7 October 2016

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