2 Very Common, But Very Important Questions To Discuss With Your OBGYN When You Are Pregnant

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Getting pregnant is something new and exciting, and because of this, it generally brings on several different questions that need to be answered. One of the best people to go to with these questions is going to be your OBGYN. They have a great deal of experience and a vast knowledge base when it comes to pregnant women, so they can likely answer or find the answer to any and all pregnancy related questions that you may have. And, because you are going to see them often throughout your pregnancy, this makes it easier for you to ask them all of your questions. Also, just because questions are common doesn't mean that they aren't important for you to ask your OBGYN. In fact, these questions may be even more important to ask them because you may have heard a multitude of answers and aren't sure what ones are correct and/or best for you and your pregnancy. This article will discuss 2 very common, but very important questions to discuss with your OBGYN when you are pregnant. 

Can I Keep Taking My Medications?

What you put inside of your body is going to directly effect your baby because you are their source of nutrition. So, any and all medications that you are taking can directly effect them. Because of this, it is important that you check with your doctor before you take any medications. If you have regular medications that you take, call your OBGYN as soon as you find out that you are pregnant and discuss with them if you can continue to take these medications, if you need to find alternatives, or if you are going to have to stop taking them altogether while you are pregnant. For example, if you take an anti-depressant normally, rather than taking your regular anti-depressant, you may need to switch to a different kind that is considered to be more safe to take during pregnancy, such as an SSRI (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors). Or if you generally take ibuprofen for pain, you are going to instead need to take acetaminophen because ibuprofen can cause a potential risks to your baby. 

Can I Exercise?

Another important question that many women have is whether or not it is safe for them to exercise. This is a great question to ask your OBGYN because the answer can vary depending on the pregnancy and the woman. If you have a normal pregnancy and were exercising before you became pregnant, then you are likely going to be able to continue at that level. If you have a pregnancy that is high risk, or if you weren't doing any regular exercise before you become pregnant, then you may be recommended to only do simple exercises, like walking or swimming. However, if you are high risk, then you may not be able to exercise at all, and may even need to be on bed rest. The key in all situations, and what your doctor will likely tell you, is going to be to listen to your body when exercising. 

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18 October 2016

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