Tips For Reducing Allergens In Your Home This Spring

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If you or other members of your family suffer from seasonal allergies every spring, then you will be pleased to know there are many simple things you can do to reduce the allergens present in your home. By reducing the allergens in your house, you will greatly help to reduce your family's allergy symptoms and need to take allergy medications. 

Follow these tips to reduce the allergen load in your home this spring:

Tip: Visit an Allergist to Determine Exactly What You Are Allergic To

If you have never done so, you should take each member of your family who has seasonal allergies to an allergist. Allergists are physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating allergies. The allergy doctor will run a battery of tests designed to determine exactly what substances your family members are reacting to. Armed with this knowledge, they can come up with a plan to help alleviate your symptoms each spring.

Tip: Don't Track Allergens into Your Home from Outdoors 

Since most spring allergies are caused by the spores and pollen of emerging plants and grasses, it is important that you do not track them into your home on your shoes. To prevent this from happening, always remove your shoes before entering your home. When guests visit, ask them to also leave their shoes outside so they don't track allergens into your house. 

Tip: Get Rid of All of the Carpets and Curtains in Your Home 

Any fabric items in your home are places where allergens can become trapped in the fibers. For this reason, you should remove all of your home's carpeting and curtains. You can use area rugs and clean them frequently instead of carpets, and mini blinds are a good choice for replacing curtains and draperies. Additionally, if you have fabric furniture, you should consider replacing it with leather furniture that will not trap allergens.

Tip: Change Your HVAC System's HEPA Filter Every Month 

Finally, it is vital that you change your home's HVAC system's HEPA filter each month. If you are currently using a basic furnace filter, then you must switch to a HEPA filter. While HEPA filters are a bit more expensive, the extra expense is worth it because this type of filter is designed to specifically remove allergens from your home's recirculated air. By preventing allergens from entering your home, giving them nowhere for them to hide, and then removing any stragglers via your furnace filter will greatly reduce the allergen load in your home. 

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23 January 2017

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