A Quick Look At Typical Services You Can Find At A Women's Health Clinic

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From having babies to dealing with hormonal issues, women naturally face more health concerns in a lot of ways than men. While most women solely rely on their gynecologist, obstetrician, or family doctor for the care that they need through the many stages and health concerns of life, there is one other option to quality care. Women's health clinics are designed to specifically cater to a female and her medical needs and can be a great alternative to traditional doctor visits. Take a quick look at some of the treatments and services you can receive at many women's health clinics across the country. 

Mammograms and Breast Cancer Screenings

Breast cancer is one of the leading health concerns for women. However, getting a timely appointment with your practitioner to get an appointment with a radiologist for a mammogram can be a lot of trouble and a lot of wait. Women's health clinics usually offer breast cancer screening in a much less complicated fashion–often times they even offer mammograms on site. Check with a local women's health clinic to simplify breast cancer screening to ensure you stay on top of this health concern as a female. 

Family Planning and Birth Control 

Women most often bear the brunt of the responsibility where birth control is concerned, so a health clinic catered to women is bound to offer birth control as part of their treatment options. However, many women's health clinics also take the further initiative to offer abortion, access to adoption counselors, and much more. If these clinics do not have these services available, they can usually help refer you to places that do. Therefore, at any phase in life where you are considering having a child or looking for prevention, a women's health clinic is a good place to turn for treatment and referral to further resources. 

Immunizations and Other Basic Care

There is a whole list of typical treatments that women need to stay healthy, from immunizations to nutritional advice to help keep body weight in check. At women's medial clinics, you can expect to have access to pretty much all of those extended care options that you would normally have to go to a physician to receive. Having a health clinic solely focused on your as a female can make for a more comfortable treatment experience and give you access to care that is catered to you and how your body works. Visit a health clinic, such as Lakewood Family Health Clinic, for more information. 


22 February 2017

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