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A medical equipment rental service offers a wide range of devices that can benefit you and make your life easier and more comfortable. A commode chair is a simple device to use for relieving yourself, and is typically available to rent from your local medical equipment service. This simple device usually consists of an adjustable aluminum frame and a plastic tub that takes the place of your toilet bowl. After you do your business, you can easily dump the tub's contents into your toilet and flush it. Here are some situations that may compel you to rent this piece of medical equipment.

Surgery Recovery

Although you may recover from surgery for a few days in the hospital, it's generally common that you'll return home when you're able to complete the recovery process. Depending on the nature of your surgery, you may have trouble making it to the bathroom. For example, if you've just had a hip or knee replaced, getting from bed or the couch to the nearest bathroom, especially if your house is large, can be a challenge. A simple solution is to always have your commode chair nearby. Its presence means that you'll only need to travel a very short distance when nature calls.

Overactive Bladder

When you're suffering from an overactive bladder, the urge to urinate can come on very quickly. If you're not close to the bathroom, you might have an accident long before you get to the toilet. This can especially be the case during the nighttime, as you may wake up with a major urge and have only seconds before you begin to lose control of your bladder function. Getting to the bathroom might be impossible, but getting to the commode chair should not be. Its presence may be pivotal in preventing a messy accident.

Nighttime Disorientation

If you get disoriented in the night, perhaps due to medication that you're takin, waking up to use the bathroom could potentially lead to an injury. For example, if you walk down the hall in the dark looking for the bathroom, you might make a wrong turn and fall down the stairs. One way to get around this problem is to limit the number of places you need to travel in the night. If you have a commode chair next to your bed, you'll no longer need to leave the bedroom in the dark — and this may be helpful in preventing a serious injury.

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28 July 2017

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