Preparing For Breast Augmentation Surgery - Four Things To Keep In Mind

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If you have a breast augmentation surgery scheduled, this can be an exciting plan to get healthy and look your best. While most augmentation surgeries are quick and don't involve too much extensive aftercare, the entire process still needs to be taken seriously by patients. With any surgery, there are risks, and being ready for your big day can help minimize complications, up your comfort level, and foster healing. Here are four things you should do to prepare for an upcoming breast augmentation surgery.

1. Find a Loved One to Come With You

While you might be confident that you will feel just fine after surgery, having a loved one that can take you to and from your surgery and be present in case there are any deviations is important. Serving both as a ride and a caregiver, you won't be in the lurch if you come out of anesthesia not feeling your best. You will need a helping hand getting home and getting set up for post-op rest, so don't go it alone.

2. Review all Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications

While going over which prescription pills you can take leading up to and after a surgery might seem obvious, any medication or oral remedies you are using should be discussed with your doctor. This includes allergy medications and pain relievers. Even aspirin can cause blood thinning your surgeon can advise if this is okay. It isn't overly cautious to review vitamins and herbal supplements as well, since these might have interactions with pain relievers you receive after surgery.

3. Discuss Emergency Procedures

If your surgery will be in an outpatient setting, be sure to discuss care options if something goes wrong. This includes nearby hospitals and plans to alert the right medical professionals if needed. While there might be very little chance of anything going wrong during your breast augmentation surgery, discussing all options with your doctor can give you peace of mind. Your physician's level of caution can be a good indicator of how prepared they are for all outcomes.

4. Pay Attention to Your Morning Routine

The day of your surgery isn't a normal day, so your standard morning routine might need to be altered. Before going in for breast augmentation surgery, there is no need to put on makeup or put in contacts, as you might have to remove these pre-op. Avoid wearing jewelry and hair accessories to ensure these won't get snagged on equipment. Comfort should be key, so zip up hoodies, sweatpants, and slip-on shoes will be welcome after your surgery. Any clothing that will help lessen the need to move your arms and chest area much will made your post-op recovery easier.

While breast augmentation surgery is considered outpatient in most cases, it is still surgery and needs to be taken seriously. While you might be excited about your upcoming surgery, planning for this and being thoughtful of the process is important. Be sure you give your body the best chance for success by listening to your doctor and preparing yourself mentally and physically for breast augmentation surgery. Visit a site like for more help.


9 November 2017

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