Pain Relief Physical Therapy Methods That Bring You Relief From Chronic Pain

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More and more people are finding out from family members and friends how physical therapy is solving their compromised physical abilities and loss of movement problems. You have endured chronic pain from muscle injuries or when you are recuperating from soft tissue damages. Back ailments have you spending more time in bed, which is not a good thing. Some patients have other painful conditions and other ailments. You've considered back surgery, but there is no guarantee that you'll be even able to walk again following back surgery. Learn more about natural physical therapy treatments, which will help you return to a healthy lifestyle when you constantly suffer from chronic pain. Highly trained physical therapists combine the use of diverse treatment options and exercise interventions to heal your body disorders and dysfunction. Physical therapy offers you unique natural treatment plans that are designed to bring you lasting relief from pain associated with your complaints.

The McKenzie Method

This method is a physical therapy treatment that brings you significant relief when you suffer from neck, back pain or extremity conditions. Treatments are designed to also decrease or completely eliminate arm and leg pain too. Certain movements of your spine can help you to successfully progress in your treatment. Those movements then prevent future neck and back pain, and you'll be guided how to make those spinal movements by your therapists.

What About Soft Tissue Damage?

People suffer from soft tissue damage due to chronic overuse or muscle damage. When soft tissue injury occurs, it leads to scar tissue formation instead of normal muscle tissue. Scar tissue is dense and proceeds to force its way through your remaining healthy soft tissues. That activity hinders normal muscle movement and ends up trapping nerves while also causing tendons to experience increased tension. Trapped nerves create a feeling of numbness and tingling due to loss of sensation, and physical performance becomes inactive. Active Relief Technique (ART) is utilized by your physical therapist to treat this disorder.

How Active Relief Technique Works

ART technique acts as a myofascial release pain therapy for dysfunctional muscles. The technology eases tendon tension, which then promotes healthy function and range of motion. Your therapist uses a precise tension technique method while you perform particular stretches or movements. This type of exchange exercise allows your therapist to examine and determine your physical capabilities. The exercise also aids your physical therapist in identifying your unique soft tissue problems. Stimulation of the affected tissues is then administered, which brings you relief from pain.

Consult Your Primary Care Physician

If you are suffering from unbearable pain, consult with your primary care physician and request a referral to be seen by a physical therapist who can treat your chronic condition. You will obtain successful pain relief when you are evaluated for your condition and then begin your treatment plan.

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20 April 2018

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