7 Important Considerations When Choosing The Right Medical Practice For Primary Care

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When you select a medical practice for yourself and your family, you're making a big decision. You want to be able to stick with the same medical practice for years to come to simplify and personalize your medical care. This means that it's important to choose the right practice from the beginning.

The following are seven important considerations to look into to decide which medical practice you want to handle your primary care needs:


You want the medical practice you go to for routine doctor appointments to be conveniently located for you. You'll need to get to the office of your primary care physician at times when you're sick. You don't want to have to go very far from your home or out of your way when you're sick, so give the location of the medical practice you decide to go to adequate consideration. 

Services provided

Before you decide on a particular medical practice, you need to make sure that the practice can handle your needs and the needs of your family. Be aware of any licensure requirements a doctor needs to meet to handle your unique medical needs. 

Accepted insurance plans

Medical practices are sometimes limited in terms of what types of insurance they can accept. Obviously, you need your medical practice to take your insurance, or medical care from that practice may not be affordable for you. Discuss accepted insurance policies with a medical practice before you decide that practice will handle your primary care.


Your primary care physician should be someone you find likable and easy to communicate with. Familiarize yourself with a primary care physician's personality to make sure that he or she is someone you will feel comfortable discussing your personal medical issues with. 

Reviews and history

Working with a medical practice that has been in business for a long time and that has many positive reviews from past patients gives you peace of mind. You should definitely do some research on medical practices and make sure that the one you decide on has experienced physicians and a good reputation in your community. 

Partnerships with area hospitals

A primary care physician needs to refer you to a specialist if you're dealing with a medical condition he or she can't treat. For this reason, it's helpful to work with a medical practice that has partnerships with area hospitals to refer you to the appropriate specialist when necessary. 


Some medical practices charge more than others. It's a good idea to look into the costs that a medical practice charges for routine doctor appointments and medical procedures before you select that practice for your primary care needs. 


24 September 2019

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