What Should You Know About Ending Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

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If you've been pursuing treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), you may at some point ask yourself the question: when will this treatment end? In many cases, the factors associated with ED can be resolved or mitigated through treatment, allowing patients to achieve and maintain an erection without the use of outside stimulants or aids. Read on to learn more about the reasons many men discontinue ED treatment, as well as a few of the questions you'll want to ask before stopping your own treatment.

Why Do Men End Their ED Treatment?

Men may end ED treatment for a variety of reasons. Some can end the treatment prematurely, citing its perceived ineffectiveness, side effects, or cost as potentially outweighing any benefit received. Others can seek to end treatment because they've been able to maintain more consistent erections and believe that further treatment is unnecessary. And in some cases, men in treatment may have recently ended a sexual relationship and therefore feel less of a pressing need to overcome their intermittent ED. 

Treatment for ED can range from testosterone-boosting medication (including injections, oral medication, or suppositories), cardiac or circulatory-boosting medication, mechanical pumps (often known as "penis pumps"), and cognitive behavioral therapy or hypnotherapy. You may need to try several treatment methods before you find one that consistently works for you, and some have found success by combining multiple treatment methods. 

What Should You Consider When Ending ED Treatment? 

If you've decided that ED treatment isn't right for you (or you've found your treatment successful and are hoping to wean yourself off it), there are a few factors to consider first. 

  • Is the root cause of your ED something that's likely to recur? 
  • Is the treatment something you can continue on your own, without medical intervention?
  • If you're ending treatment because the current protocol wasn't effective, are you willing to switch to any other treatment methods? 
  • If you're ending treatment because of the cost, can your doctor recommend any cost-saving methods? (This can include switching to a generic form of medication, taking advantage of samples or pharmaceutical promotions, or even splitting pills so that your current regimen lasts twice as long.)

No matter what the reason for ending treatment, it's important to discuss it with your physician first. In some cases, ED can be an indicator of more serious issues, like heart problems; treating these underlying issues could help treat ED even without a sex-directed treatment protocol.


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