What To Expect After You Begin Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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If you have been suffering from symptoms of low testosterone and your doctor has confirmed your low testosterone with a blood test, then you might begin treatment with testosterone replacement therapy. You're probably excited to get relief from the symptoms you've been suffering. But what many patients do not expect is that other aspects of their body and health change, too. This article will take a look at what you can expect as you begin testosterone replacement therapy.

A More Stable Mood

Even if moodiness and angry outbursts are not the reason you originally sought treatment for your low testosterone, you will likely be surprised by the changes in mood you experience after you begin taking testosterone. This hormone has a huge impact on your emotions and mental health. You will likely notice you feel more consistent and stable once you begin taking testosterone supplements. You may feel more positive and less anxious, too. Some patients who have been taking antidepressants for years are able to wean themselves off of them once they begin supplementing with testosterone.

Increased Muscle Mass

Many men assume a loss of muscle mass is just natural as they age when, really, they are losing muscle due to low testosterone levels. Once you get your testosterone levels back into the normal, healthy range, you are likely to notice that you put on muscle more easily. This won't happen over night, but you should start to notice a difference within a month or two. If you go to the gym, you'll notice a bigger change with every workout.

Increased Libido

Libido tends to decrease over time as testosterone levels slowly decrease. Because this happens so slowly, some men adjust to the new normal and don't really realize their libido is considered low — until they start taking testosterone supplements. Your libido should start to come back within a day or two of beginning testosterone replacement. In many cases, it gets very high for a few weeks and then tapers back down as you get used to the new hormone levels. So don't be too worried if your libido is through the roof at first; the change shouldn't stay quite that dramatic.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what to expect as you begin hormone replacement therapy. If you experience a change you're worried about or unsure of as you adjust to the treatment, just contact your doctor or pharmacist.


27 August 2020

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