Taking An Older Loved One To The Doctor's Office: Dos And Don'ts

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If you have an older person in your life, such as a parent or grandparent, you may have noticed that they need a little extra help when they leave the house these days. Visiting the doctor, in particular, is something that may be tough for them. You can help by driving them to their doctor's appointments and going into the doctor's office with them. However, there are a few dos and don'ts to keep in mind when taking an older loved one to the doctor's office.

Do: Talk to your loved one about the appointment beforehand.

A day or two before the appointment, talk to your loved one about the reason they are visiting the doctor, what has been bothering them, and their health in general. Don't push them to share more than they are willing, but do take in any details they are willing to share. This way, if the doctor asks questions that your loved one struggles to answer or understand, you will be better prepared to jump in and help them respond.

Don't: Go into the exam room without permission.

It can be helpful for you to go into the exam room with your loved one. However, you should always check and make sure they are comfortable with this beforehand. They may prefer to be examined alone and then have you rejoin them as they discuss the diagnosis and treatment with the doctor.

Do: Ask questions.

Part of your role in accompanying your loved one to the doctor's office is to make sure they get as much information as possible out of the visit. So, don't be afraid to ask the doctor questions as you think of them. If medication instructions are unclear or you're wondering about other symptoms you've observed in your loved one, ask about them. You're not stepping on toes here; you're gathering information to help your loved one.

Don't: Speak over your loved one.

While it is important for you to talk to the doctor and ask questions during this doctor's visit, you don't want to interject so much that you speak over your loved one or take the doctor's attention away from them. Try to let your loved one and the doctor speak first and foremost, and then interject with anything you think was overlooked or forgotten.

Taking your loved one to the doctor's office can make things so much easier for them. If you adhere to the dos and don'ts above, it should be a good experience for everyone involved.


23 July 2021

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