Six Problems You Can Avoid By Scheduling Cataract Surgery Right Away

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Patients who are experiencing vision loss due to cataracts shouldn't delay when it comes to scheduling their surgery. There are numerous problems patients could find themselves dealing with if they don't take care of cataracts promptly.

The following are six problems you can avoid by scheduling cataract surgery right away. 

Cataracts get worse over time.

If you have issues with cataracts, you have a degenerative condition. A degenerative condition will only get worse as time goes on if it is not corrected.

Without cataract surgery, protein will continue to accumulate in the lens of the eye until no light will pass through. Cataract surgery is the only way to stop the condition from getting worse. 

Having a cataract issue detracts from your quality of life.

If you have cataracts that result in vision problems, there are many everyday activities that you are no longer going to be able to enjoy. You may have trouble with reading, watching TV, playing cards, or engaging in athletic activities if you have cataracts and you don't have them corrected with surgery. 

It's dangerous to drive at night if you're dealing with cataracts.

Driving is an important activity for achieving mobility and freedom regarding transportation. Unfortunately, cataracts can detract from an individual's ability to drive. Cataracts can be especially problematic with nighttime vision so that affected individuals may eventually not be able to drive in the dark at all. 

Cataract surgery can completely restore an individual's ability to drive at any time of the day. 

You could experience permanent vision loss if you delay treatment.

A cataract is an easily treatable condition. However, you may experience permanent vision loss if you wait too long to undergo surgery.

Scheduling your cataract surgery when recommended by your doctor is the best way to correct the problem. If you undergo surgery quickly enough, you could have your vision completely restored. 

Suffering from cataracts is stressful.

Dealing with a degenerative condition that impacts the vision naturally results in considerable stress. Undergoing cataract surgery promptly can prevent stress and quickly resolve the issue of vision loss caused by cataracts. 

You're more likely to suffer a trip and fall injury with a cataract.

One of the biggest health risks for seniors is experiencing a trip and fall injury that results in severe mobility loss. Such injuries are more likely for seniors with vision problems. Cataract surgery can therefore protect an aging individual's health by preventing trip and fall injuries. 


24 January 2022

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