Levels Of Care For Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

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A binge eating disorder can be one of the most difficult disorders to treat. What many people do not realize is that eating disorders are not all about treating the symptoms, which is often weight gain or weight loss. Binge eating disorders require treatment from the inside out.

If you are considering treatment for a binge eating disorder, you will find there are different levels of treatment available. These are the levels of care involved in getting help for binge eating disorders.


Hospitalization, or inpatient therapy, is often the first step involved in binge eating disorder treatment, especially if your eating disorder has started to cause medical issues.

Hospitalization is important because it helps your body become stable. Inpatient treatment can treat immediate threats to your health, often saving the lives of people with eating disorders. No matter your situation, you might consider inpatient treatment as your first step.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy

You may attend several therapy sessions each week as part of your intensive outpatient therapy. This form of therapy can help you reset your mind and your habits. You may choose to come to therapy as often as necessary to treat your mind as well as your body, and you can work out the amount of time with your physical therapist.

If you feel like you are on shaky ground, it is a good idea to talk to your therapist about intensive outpatient therapy. You can work on physical and emotional components to healing at this level of treatment.

Outpatient Therapy

If you choose outpatient therapy, you may attend therapy just once a week. This is a good option for treatment if you have already gone through inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment. This treatment option is also a good idea if you want to maintain your results after other types of therapy.

Get the Treatment You Need

Every treatment journey looks a little different, and it is important that you get the right kind of treatment for your body and mind. Treating both will be essential to your recovery.

If you have a binge eating disorder, it is important that you speak with a doctor about getting the help you need. If you are unsure where to begin with getting treatment for any eating disorder, your primary care physician can offer guidance. Therapists can also help you determine what kind of treatment you need.

Contact an eating disorder treatment specialist for more information.


28 March 2022

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