Factors Affecting Your Hearing And Need For Hearing Aids

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When you begin to notice a loss of hearing, your first thought may be that you need hearing aids. Though this can be the result of hearing loss, there are other factors that could be contributing to your hearing issues. Here are some of the issues you may be experiencing and how your audiologist can help. 

Wax Impaction

Ear wax is something your ears generate on a normal basis. There are several benefits to the wax when it is being created and maintained. There are some points when the wax can actually cause severe hearing loss. One of these times is when you develop an impaction. Wax impaction can be caused by several things. A common cause of wax impaction is using cotton swabs to clean your ears. The swabs can push the wax down further into the canal causing the impaction and the resulting hearing loss. This impaction can be detected by your audiologist and hearing aid specialist. Once detected they can remove the impaction. 

Foreign Objects

You may believe that if a foreign object is stuck in your ear canal you would know it. The truth is you may not always know when something is stuck in your ear canal and affecting your hearing. For example, if you wear earbuds often you may have debris from the earbuds stuck and impacting your ear canal. You can also have issues with cotton from swabs, hair, dust, and even small parts of hearing equipment stuck in your ear. These can all cause a hearing blockage that will have to be removed by your audiologist. 

Improper Hearing Care

If you work in a loud industry, you may be required to wear ear protection. The problem is not all hearing protection has the same quality. If you are using inexpensive hearing protection, foam protection, or something similar, your audiologist can help. Many audiologists and hearing aid specialists can fit you for hearing protection. This type of protection is molded from your ear shape and made to fit your ear specifically. This gives a better hearing seal and helps to reduce damage from the noise you experience on a daily basis. 

When you are ready to have your hearing checked, contact your audiologist. They will schedule an appointment to test your hearing and look at your current ear health. They can use those findings to determine what is causing your hearing loss and how to best treat those issues. If a treatment plan or hearing aids are necessary, they will discuss those plans with you and how you want to move forward.  

To learn more, contact a medical center that can provide more information about audiologists & hearing aids.


26 April 2022

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