The Medical Spa And Winter-Time Treatments

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Why get medical spa services in the winter months? Even though full-body treatments (such as laser bikini line hair removal) aren't on your mind right now, take a look at some of the other popular procedures and the reasons to choose a mid-winter medical spa appointment.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is exactly what the name implies. This cosmetic procedure requires the use of chemicals to peel the outer layer or layers of skin away. The result is a new, fresh surface and a youthful glow. Deeper peels can also reduce the appearance of fine lines, some types of acne scars, and discoloration. A peel can also remove dry, flaky, rough winter skin. 

Why is the winter season a perfect time for a chemical peel? Even though you can get this type of medical spa treatment any time of the year, you may have an easier recovery following a winter-time procedure. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), a light peel can take one to seven days to heal, a medium peel may take seven to 14 days, and your skin may not heal from a deep peel for 14 to 21 days.

Sun exposure can interfere with the healing time. This can make the summer a difficult time to heal from a chemical peel. If you don't want to miss pool or beach days, change your warm-weather activities, or stay out of the sun for a week or more, schedule your procedure for the wintertime. 

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Like chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing can rejuvenate your face, even skin tone/remove discoloration, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and reduce the appearance of some acne scars. This type of procedure can refresh dull, flaky skin that is dry from the winter wind and indoor heating. 

Also like chemical peels, this procedure comes with days or weeks of healing time. While the winter isn't the only time you can choose a laser procedure, the reduced sun exposure risk during the colder months may make your recovery easier.

Medical-Level Facials

The at-home facial kit you use can add some hydration. But if you really want to combat winter-related dryness or dullness, talk to a medi spa professional about stronger facial treatment options. Medical spa treatment facials range from light moisturizing options to intense hydration and brightening therapies. 

If you're not sure which one is the right match for your skin care needs, talk to your dermatologist or a medi spa provider—such as Regenesis MD—about your choices. Not only can these types of facials reverse dryness and add a subtle youthful glow to your face, but they can also help to soothe wind-chapped or irritated skin and unclog pores.


16 December 2022

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