When Is It Time To Move To Assisted Living?


Choosing to leave your home and move into an assisted living facility is most likely one of the hardest decisions a senior citizen can make. It is hard to admit that you need help with things that you previously could do with ease, without even taking into account the emotional toll of leaving a home that you love. But sometimes, moving into assisted living simply cannot be avoided. The important thing is recognizing when a person's health or mental capacity has gotten to that point, and recognizing signs that it may be time to make a move to assisted living.

Physical Changes

One sign that it may be time to move to assisted living is physical changes in a person's body or appearance. For example, do you have a loved one that has suddenly stopped shaving their beard or washing their clothes? This may be a sign that they are unable to do these grooming techniques anymore. Also look for a noticeable weight loss or gain. This could indicate that someone is either forgetting to eat altogether, or that they are eating too much because they have forgotten that they just ate. A strong body odor could also be a sign, as it could indicate that the person is not taking care of their personal hygiene.

Social and Behavioral Changes

Have you noticed that a loved one is no longer participating in previously loved activities? This may be a sign that they are losing interest in leaving the home or they simply cannot get out anymore. You should also look for signs that a loved one is socializing with other people; not doing so could lead to depression or be a sign of other health problems. If a loved one is suddenly not paying bills or signing up for charity donations out of the blue, this could also be a sign that they are having memory problems. Also, if a loved one is starting to wander or get lost, this could be a huge sign that it is time for assisted living.

Home Environment Changes

Another sign that it may be time for assisted living is the condition of a person's home. Have they recently started hoarding or just not cleaning? This could be because they are physically unable to do so anymore. Consistent falling or close calls could also be a sign that the home environment simply isn't safe anymore. Also, look to make sure that there is food in the kitchen and that laundry is being done. 

If you feel that your loved one is in need of assisted living, sit down and have a heart to heart with them. They may not agree right away, but at least offer to show them a few places that may suit their needs. Seeing happy, active, and healthy adults that are similar to their own age may be the push needed to get them into the safe environment that assisted living such as Cokato Charitable Trust - Cokato Manor can offer.


9 January 2015

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