Prevent Your Child From Losing Or Damaging His Or Her First Pair Of Eyeglasses

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Kids are always on the go, always falling down and always losing everything. Parents of children with eyeglasses tend to obsess over methods for keeping their kid's glasses on the face and unbroken. If you're a parent of a child who wears glasses, these tips will help you protect your child's precious protective eyewear.

Experiment with Different Ways of Keeping the Glasses on the Face

Wrap-around temples are the rubbery ear grips that are shaped to fit over the back of your child's ears. Wrap-around temples are commonly found on glasses for toddlers, because they make it hard to remove glasses on an impulse. When your child is older than toddler age, but still young enough to be prone to removing and losing glasses, elastic eyeglass holders will hold glasses on the face without restricting movement of the glasses on the face like wrap around temples.

Some kids find the elastic eyeglass holders embarrassing. Clear plastic eyeglass holders are less conspicuous and more likely to be worn by children who find the elastic socially intolerable. For girls who like jewelry, bejeweled and beaded eyeglass holders can make the experience of wearing eyeglasses holders fun and even gratifying. 

Get the Perfect Fit

If your child's glasses don't fit well, they'll slide down a lot. This can be annoying for your child and may encourage him or her to remove the glasses during daily use. If your child falls down, ill-fitting glasses are likely to go flying across the room and may be broken. 

Children have differently shaped noses than adults. The bridge of their nose is more shallow and wider than many adult noses. This can make "one size fits all" plastic glasses problematic. To prevent problems and ensure that your child's eyeglasses can be adjusted to his or her face, pick glasses with adjustable nose pieces. When your child goes in for vision checkups, have your child's optometrist adjust the nose pieces to ensure the right fit. 

Pick the Right Style

Picking the right style of eyeglasses can encourage your child to wear his or her glasses more reliably. For a toddler, eyeglasses that look like mommy or daddy's glasses may be considered extremely cool, and can help endear the glasses to the kid. For older children, style is everything. Let your older child pick glasses that match the current trends, so he or she can be proud to go to school with a new pair of specs. 

For more tips and advice on ways that you can prevent your child from losing or destroying his or her first pair of glasses, visit a website like If your child's optometrist has worked with children in the past, he or she may have some smart tips that can help. 


17 June 2015

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