What You Need To Know About DOT Medical Examinations

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Are you interested in driving commercial trucks? If so, at some point you will need a DOT medical examination. This is a test that is mandated by the Department of Transportation, and it aids in ensuring that the truck drivers on the roadways are in good health and not at high risk for causing traffic accidents on roadways. If you are a person who gets nervous about tests, the following information will help you to better understand this physical examination and what things may influence whether or not you pass. 

Urine Test

This is a part of the test that some people seem to think has the sole purpose of screening drivers and potential drivers for drugs. The test screens for the presence of street drugs, but it is also used to determine other abnormalities in urine that may be suggestive of health problems that could interfere with safe driving. For example, abnormal glucose levels could meant that you would need to be further examined to determine whether you have diabetes. Being a diabetic will not automatically bar you from driving trucks, but the DOT and companies you plan to apply to work for will likely want documentation that your condition is stable. 

Time Frame of DOT Card Varies

Everyone does not receive a card to drive trucks. The length of time extended to drivers also varies. People who pass their physical exams without any documented issues will likely have cards that last longer than those who have issues that were documented. This applies even if a person gets known medical problems stabilized. It is also important to note that passing the physical exam is important, but the DOT also makes decisions regarding whether or not to issue DOT Cards and how long they are valid based upon mental health. Certain mental health issues, seizure prone conditions, and conditions that negatively affect vision could result in you not being able to get a DOT card. 

Future Disqualification

If you pass your test and get clearance to drive trucks, it is important to ensure that you take care of your health. This is because if you develop conditions in the future due to poor health, the DOT may refuse to renew your DOT card. Health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure could occur as a result of poor eating choices while on the road. Keeping your health monitored and practicing a healthy lifestyle may afford you a long and enjoyable career driving trucks.


22 February 2016

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