Traveling To Africa As A Missionary? Save Your Life By Getting A Yellow Fever Vaccination

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Africa is a huge and incredible continent that has a lot of good going for it. Unfortunately, there are many areas that still need some outside help. If you are going there as a missionary and want to do good for those who have less than you, you must get yourself vaccinated from yellow fever. Failure to do so could cost you your life.

Exposure To New Diseases Can Be Troubling

Yellow fever is one of those diseases that those in the Western hemisphere no longer have to worry about catching. It has been heavily contained here and practically eliminated. Unfortunately, it is still prevalent in Africa and South America and kills many natives there every year.

As a result, missionaries who go to Africa are in threat of suffering from exposure to a disease that their body has never been exposed to before. This situation can increase the threat of a disease and make it even worse than it would be for natives to the area.

Yellow fever is, in particular, nasty because it can be spread by the bite of a mosquito. And when it hits somebody who has never been exposed to it before, it is likely to cause severe symptoms that are life-threatening if left untreated. Unfortunately, being in Africa may increase your risk of death simply because the health facilities will be unable to handle your case. Thankfully, this problem is completely avoidable.

Ways That A Vaccine Helps

The great thing about vaccination from yellow fever is that a single shot usually provides a lifelong immunization for most people. As a result, you should be protected from it while in Africa and have little to worry about. And it can also increase the number of countries to which you can travel.

And while there are mild risks associated with this vaccination (such as fever, aches, and swelling), these are temporary and easy to treat. As a result, you can go to Africa with the peace of mind knowing that you are not only safe from yellow fever, but also unable to bring it back home to others.

So if you are planning on traveling to African countries and doing your part to help the less fortunate, visit your doctor or a clinic like Dino Peds right away for a vaccination. They can also provide you with a litany of vaccinations from other diseases and protect you from the dangers of diseases in new countries.


12 September 2018

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