How Functional Restoration Can Help With Back Pain

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The limitations and disability associated with chronic back pain can lead to decreased quality of life and difficulties performing job functions. One strategy to manage chronic back pain is participation in a functional restoration program.

Physical Therapy

Functional restoration incorporates multiple approaches to reducing pain, which may be in addition to or in lieu of prescribed medications. A supervised exercise program may be established by a physical therapist. To reduce back pain, it is critical to build core strength in addition to improving other muscles, such as your legs. Improving core strength allows you to maintain a better posture. Stronger muscles in your legs and arms are necessary to reduce stress on your back. For example, being able to squat down and pick up items can help you avoid re-injuring your back.

Mental Health

The psychological aspects of chronic back pain can significantly influence your perception of pain and how you cope. Sometimes underlying mental illnesses need to be addressed before you see improvements in pain. Depression is a common problem associated with any condition causing chronic pain. Functional restoration seeks to find a treatment plan to manage any underlying mental illnesses in addition to developing coping skills that may improve your situation. Therapeutic approaches might involve cognitive-behavioral therapy, talk therapy, or engaging in chronic pain support groups.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can aid you in finding new ways to do activities around the home or at work that are easier on your back and help you become more productive. Sometimes assistive or supportive devices might be necessary. One type of tool that may be helpful is a "grabber" that allows you to reach items on a high shelf or pick up items off the floor without bending over.

Your occupational therapist might make suggestions about your home or office environment, such as changing the chairs, bed, or desk to place less strain on your back and make you more comfortable. Back support and different shoes can also have an impact on back pain. Wearing a back support belt during the day may help you stay on your feet longer and with less pain, in addition to improving your posture. Some people find their back also hurts less if they are wearing shoes that are comfortable and with adequate cushioning.

Functional restoration is a multidisciplinary method of reducing chronic back pain and regaining physical functioning. Starting a program as soon as possible will increase the likelihood of seeing significant results.


10 April 2019

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