Is Your Stomach Sending You to the Sleep Center?

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For many people, gut health is a big factor for their health. In fact, your stomach could even impact your sleep. Do you think your stomach's health issues are sending you to the sleep center? Do you need help getting enough rest? These are some stomach-related concerns that might cause some sleep issues. Healthy Bacteria in the Stomach Helps You Sleep Better Did you know that having healthy bacteria in your system allows you to sleep at night?

22 March 2021

Important Reasons to Seek Treatment From a Skilled Podiatric Surgeon

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Your feet are vital to your ability to carry out your normal routine. However, when one of them sustains an injury, you need to have it treated right away.  Instead of ignoring what is wrong with your foot or trying to continue with your regular routine, you can seek help from an experienced doctor. You may recover faster by undergoing the treatment that a podiatric surgeon can provide to you.

12 February 2021

A Rheumatologist — For Your Dry Mouth And Eyes?

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If you go to your primary care doctor complaining of dry mouth and dry eyes, you may expect them to refer you to an eye doctor, or perhaps even a dentist. But when they recommend that you see a rheumatologist, you might be a bit perplexed. Aren't those the doctors that treat people with rheumatoid arthritis? They are — but that's not all that rheumatologists do. Here's a closer look at this specialty and why a rheumatologist may be the right professional to see for a dry mouth and dry eyes.

12 February 2021

Why Colorado-Grown CBD Is Great For Your Meditation And Yoga

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About 77% of people say that they live with stress that literally makes them physically ill or otherwise unwell. Stress becomes a silent killer for people who tuck it in and go about their lives. Meditation and yoga are two time-tested practices that are known for their stress relief, among many other benefits. If you want to really deepen these practices in your life, cannabidiol, also called CBD, is a supplement that you can use right along with either.

7 January 2021

What to Expect From Facial Botox Treatments

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If you are about to get facial Botox for the first time, you may be wondering what you can expect, You may have heard or seen the results others have had and are wondering if it can be the same for you. You should definitely go into it with realistic expectations so you won't be disappointed by the results. Here are some things you should know before you get this treatment.

3 December 2020

Tips For Starting Any New Fitness Program

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Every fitness program is different, so advice for starting a fitness program tends to vary depending on the exact program. However, there are some tips that do apply regardless of the program you're following. If you can manage to do these things as you begin a new fitness program, you're more likely to experience success with it. Start slow. Many people jump right into a program with full force. They end up overdoing it, making themselves sore and then failing to continue to follow the program because of this soreness.

3 November 2020

Four Reasons Why You Shouldn't Postpone A Well-Child Checkup

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It can be tempting to skip a visit with a pediatrician if your child seems healthy, particularly if you are worried about exposing them to illness in the waiting room. The good news is that pediatrician offices have put many restrictions in place to make sure their office is a safe place for your family. Skipping the well-child visit is much more of a health hazard than the waiting room, and the following are just a few reasons why.

5 October 2020

What To Expect After You Begin Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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If you have been suffering from symptoms of low testosterone and your doctor has confirmed your low testosterone with a blood test, then you might begin treatment with testosterone replacement therapy. You're probably excited to get relief from the symptoms you've been suffering. But what many patients do not expect is that other aspects of their body and health change, too. This article will take a look at what you can expect as you begin testosterone replacement therapy.

27 August 2020

What Should You Know About Ending Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

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If you've been pursuing treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), you may at some point ask yourself the question: when will this treatment end? In many cases, the factors associated with ED can be resolved or mitigated through treatment, allowing patients to achieve and maintain an erection without the use of outside stimulants or aids. Read on to learn more about the reasons many men discontinue ED treatment, as well as a few of the questions you'll want to ask before stopping your own treatment.

1 April 2020

Type 2 Diabetes Treatments Your Doctor Might Recommend

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One reason it's important to keep up with routine wellness physicals is so your doctor can catch signs of type 2 diabetes early on, when it's easier to control with diet and exercise. Your doctor can order an A1C blood test that shows if you have had consistently high blood sugars over the previous three months and how high they were. High blood sugar is a sign of type 2 diabetes, but the cause of the condition is insulin resistance, which your doctor takes into consideration when recommending treatment.

18 October 2019