Recommendations Your Podiatrist Might Make To Help You Deal With Toe Pain

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Toe pain might be a passing problem due to wearing tight shoes or getting a cut, but when the pain lingers or comes and goes, it's time to see a podiatrist for help. You might have a medical condition, such as arthritis, a toe condition, such as a bunion, an injury, a nerve problem, or a number of other causes that need medical help. Here are some suggestions for dealing with toe pain.

29 June 2022

Is It Dementia? What You Need To Know About Senior Medical Conditions

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If your senior loved one is exhibiting signs of dementia, it may be time to get them checked out. Dementia symptoms typically present in the form of confusion and memory loss. However, dementia symptoms can be attributed to other medical conditions that may need attention. If you think your loved one may be suffering from memory loss, but you aren't sure it is dementia, it could be one of the following reasons.

25 May 2022

Factors Affecting Your Hearing And Need For Hearing Aids

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When you begin to notice a loss of hearing, your first thought may be that you need hearing aids. Though this can be the result of hearing loss, there are other factors that could be contributing to your hearing issues. Here are some of the issues you may be experiencing and how your audiologist can help.  Wax Impaction Ear wax is something your ears generate on a normal basis. There are several benefits to the wax when it is being created and maintained.

26 April 2022

Levels Of Care For Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

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A binge eating disorder can be one of the most difficult disorders to treat. What many people do not realize is that eating disorders are not all about treating the symptoms, which is often weight gain or weight loss. Binge eating disorders require treatment from the inside out. If you are considering treatment for a binge eating disorder, you will find there are different levels of treatment available. These are the levels of care involved in getting help for binge eating disorders.

28 March 2022

Symptoms And Treatments For Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca

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Keratoconjunctivitis sicca is also known as dry eye syndrome. It can be caused by certain medications such as beta-blockers and antihistamines, allergies, autoimmune disorders, tear production disorders, and menopause. Dry eye syndrome is very common; however, it is essential that you make an ophthalmology appointment with your eye doctor to determine the underlying cause. Here are some common symptoms and effective treatments options for keratoconjunctivitis sicca. Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca Symptoms Symptoms of keratoconjunctivitis sicca typically include burning sensations in the eyes, scratchiness, grittiness, and feeling like you have sand in your eyes.

24 February 2022

Six Problems You Can Avoid By Scheduling Cataract Surgery Right Away

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Patients who are experiencing vision loss due to cataracts shouldn't delay when it comes to scheduling their surgery. There are numerous problems patients could find themselves dealing with if they don't take care of cataracts promptly. The following are six problems you can avoid by scheduling cataract surgery right away.  Cataracts get worse over time. If you have issues with cataracts, you have a degenerative condition. A degenerative condition will only get worse as time goes on if it is not corrected.

24 January 2022

Signs Of Hearing Loss And Benefits Of Hearing Aids

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As you age, your hearing can fade slowly over time. This can make it more difficult for you to recognize that you are experiencing hearing loss. If you were to wake up one morning and you were suddenly hearing everything less than the day before, the loss would be noticeable, and you would know to go in for a hearing test. However, when the loss is so gradual that you can't tell you are hearing differently, then the hearing loss can become substantial, and you may still not know there is an issue.

22 December 2021