3 Benefits Of Using An Air Ambulance

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There are several benefits that come along with using any ambulance service to transport you, but an air ambulance service can be incredibly beneficial. This article will discuss 3 of these great benefits.  Speed When someone gets on an ambulance to be transported to the nearest hospital, time is generally of the essence. Because of this, ambulances turn on their sirens and travel as fast as they can, both to pick up the person and to get them to the hospital.

29 December 2016

6 Home Remedies to Treat a Child for Lice

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Lice is common among school age children, but it can quickly spread to adult family members at home. If your child has lice, it is imperative that you take action to prevent this from occurring. You can opt to purchase a lice kit, but some parents are opting for home remedies. Here are some of the more popular home remedies.   Mayonnaise. Your child's scalp and hair has to be completely covered by the mayonnaise.

16 December 2016

How Iron Supplements Can Help Manage Your Child's Breath-Holding Spells

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Breath-holding spells are a common problem in very young children and they can cause panic in parents. There is an obvious connection between iron deficiencies and these spells, which makes it important to boost your child's level of iron in a safe way. Symptoms Of A Breath Holding Spell Breath-holding spells are frightening situations that occur involuntarily when your child is hurt, frightened, or upset. This isn't the same as when your child holds their breath when they are angry at you because they can't control the problem.

30 November 2016

The Effect Of Parkinson's Disease On Orthopedic Issues

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The Effect Of Parkinson's Disease On Orthopedic Issues   Parkinson's disease–a progressive neuromuscular disorder–can increase the risk of experiencing orthopedic issues, especially as you age. Body rigidity, tremors, balance problems, and slowed movement can lead to instability and loss of bone density–both factors that can increase your risk of falling and breaking bones. Consequently, it's important to be aware of the potential orthopedic problems to which Parkinson's disease can contribute, putting you at greater risk of bone fractures and osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis) than individuals who don't have the disease.

10 November 2016

2 Very Common, But Very Important Questions To Discuss With Your OBGYN When You Are Pregnant

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Getting pregnant is something new and exciting, and because of this, it generally brings on several different questions that need to be answered. One of the best people to go to with these questions is going to be your OBGYN. They have a great deal of experience and a vast knowledge base when it comes to pregnant women, so they can likely answer or find the answer to any and all pregnancy related questions that you may have.

18 October 2016

Learning More About Clinical Trials As A Part Of Your Lung Cancer Treatment Options

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Anyone that has been diagnosed with lung cancer can tell you about the fear they felt upon hearing it. For many lung cancer patients, their quest to find the best treatment is one of life or death. Some patients choose traditional forms of treatment while many others participate in clinical trials using new research to help them fight their battle with lung cancer. If you are looking at your options for the best lung cancer treatment, check out the reasons you should consider participation in a clinical trial for patients suffering with lung cancer.

10 October 2016

6 Tips For Staying Cool While You Run

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Every physical therapist will tell you that cooling down after a run is essential to prevent an injury. When you are running in the summer, staying cool during your exercise is also essential. The heat can really get to you, even in spring and fall. When you are working out, take these steps to ensure that you do not face heat stroke or another serious issue. 1. Start off cooled down.

7 October 2016

Don't Mourn Antibacterial Soaps

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If you've been a dedicated user of antibacterial soap, you may be unhappy about the FDA's recent ruling that manufacturers must stop producing most of these products. In the next year, antibacterial soap makers have to remove triclosan and triclocarban from hand soap and other products. You should not mourn this decision, however. The products were not keeping you healthy. Effects Anti-bacterial soaps have long been criticized by the healthcare community as being ineffective.

7 October 2016

How Can Chiropractic Care Help With Low Moods?


Do you often feel sad or a bit melancholy for seemingly no reason at all? If you're having severe depressive thoughts or thoughts of suicide, it's important to seek professional treatment with a psychiatrist. But if your symptoms are more minor—just a consistent, low mood that you can't seem to shake—you may wish to address the issue more holistically. Chiropractors concentrate on treating the whole body and mind as one unit.

23 September 2016

Help! How Do You Cope With Baby Blues?

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You've had your baby. It should be the happiest time of your life, but you just feel so upset all the time. Chances are this is the baby blues, which affects between 50% and 70% of mothers. Fortunately, the baby blues won't last forever. Here are four tips to help you cope with the baby blues, so you can enjoy your bundle of joy. Know It Will Pass For the majority of moms, the baby blues will pass on their own.

2 September 2016